FAQs About Home Insurance in Utah.

Home insurance is one of those things that bring a significant amount of peace of mind to those who take the time to get it. After all your home is likely one of your biggest financial assets and it is where your family makes memories each day. Wasatch Preferred can make getting quality home insurance in and around Sandy, UT simple, so you can continue the business of running your life and enjoying your family without worrying about what may happen in the future. 

Common Questions About Utah Home Insurance

  • Is home insurance a legal requirement in Utah? Legally, no. However, lenders will not finance a home without home insurance and even if you do not have that as a deciding factor it is just common sense to provide this protection for your home. Because coverage is easy to purchase and affordable.
  • What can a home insurance policy cover? There are various levels of coverage you can purchase and if you need you can add umbrella coverage over your policy to add limits. You can choose from dwelling protection, liability protection, guest medical protection, additional living expenses coverage, and more. 
  • What does a home insurance policy not cover? Flood insurance is often separate, although water damage within the home is not considered a flood. Earthquake insurance is also a separate policy for most situations. If you have any questions about specific coverage on items or occurrences as our agent while you get your quote. 

Contact us at Wasatch Preferred to discuss your home insurance needs today. We serve Sandy, UT and the surrounding areas with quality insurance services and you can have all of your insurance needs met at one convenient location if you like. 

Does Your Home Business Need Commercial Insurance Protection?

Like any other business, your home-based enterprise needs insurance coverage to protect business equipment and activities. Home insurance is designed to protect your home and belongings, not your business. A commercial insurance policy from Wasatch Preferred, however, will protect your business activities so you can continue to operate out of your Sandy, UT home. Here’s why you need commercial coverage to protect a business run from your home.

Business Property

If your business depends on computers, printers, fax machines, office furniture or other equipment to conduct business activities, you need business property coverage to protect these assets. You can’t count on home insurance to cover theft, damage or loss of business property. Unless you have the capital to replace business equipment on your own, you would do well to protect these valuable resources with commercial coverage.  


If you receive clients at your home for business purposes, you’ll need general liability to protect you against accidents clients may have while visiting your property. If a client gets hurt while visiting your business, you could be held liable for damages. By paying for a client’s medical expenses or property damage, general liability saves your business from financial loss.   

If your business produces or sells products, product liability coverage protects your business against liability claims customers may make against your product.

If your business offers a professional service, such as consultant, professional liability insurance can protect you against business actions you take that may cause a client to suffer loss. If you’re sued for damages, this insurance shields your business assets and covers legal costs.

Commercial insurance provides your home business with the financial security it needs to grow and prosper. For quality commercial insurance coverage at affordable costs, contact your Wasatch Preferred agent in Sandy, UT today. 

Home Insurance for Temporary Homes

As a homeowner, you probably have a homeowners’ insurance policy on your home which you believe protects your property throughout the year. However, that’s not always the case. There are several special circumstances that may result in your annual homeowners’ insurance policy becoming invalid or render the policy incapable of catering for your home insurance needs. What do you do when you find yourself in such a situation?

Going uninsured is not an option, so you need to find an alternative that can provide sufficient coverage for your residence. That’s where temporary home insurance comes in. This coverage protects your home from disasters – natural or otherwise – on a short-term basis. Temporary home insurance comes in handy in providing full or reduced coverage depending on your home insurance needs at the moment. If you are looking for temporary home insurance in Sandy UT, Wasatch Preferred insurance can help you out.

When You May Need Temporary Home Insurance

There is a number of everyday situations that may necessitate a temporary home insurance. For instance, you may need temporary coverage when you are moving to a new house. If there are delays of any kind and you’ve already communicated dates with your insurer, your house will be uninsured. Taking temporary home insurance for the period is the only option. Another key reason for getting temporary insurance is if your home is undergoing major renovations and you have to look for an alternative place of residence.

If you decide to get a short-term rental or any other form of temporary residence, you will need to get temporary home insurance. This type of home insurance allows you to get the appropriate home insurance cover for your situation. Its flexible, you can choose to either insure the structure or just the contents of your temporary home. You can purchase short-term insurance for your temporary home from Wasatch Preferred in Sandy, Utah. Call us for more information on temporary home insurance coverage.

What Is The Difference Between Renters And Homeowners Insurance?

Wasatch Preferred in Sandy, UT specializes in homeowners insurance and for all categories of homes. Utah’s Insurance Department has developed detailed provisions of both homeowners and rental insurance policies, advising the Utah citizen of how to analyze these policies. There are dramatic differences in the policies, despite their similarities, which affects their rights as to liability coverage and personal property coverage.


Homeowner’s insurance covers the house and any other building structures on the homeowner’s property. There are limitations as to coverage, valid claims, and exclusion. Rental insurance does not cover the building containing the rental, which is the responsibility of the landlord. While a fire in the building, damaging the renter’s personal property, is covered by homeowners, but if the fire is caused by the renter, renters liability insurance will cover the damages.


Renter’s insurance is more affordable, usually less than $50 a month since the renter does not pay for any structures. A homeowners policy costs a bit more because it covers the structure of the home as well as a multitude of other things. 

The reason why renters buy insurance is that the landlord’s policy will not pay for damage to the renter’s personal property even if the renter’s property is stolen.  


Both policies have exclusions such as for earthquakes and floods.

Requirements to Be Insured

Homeowners have no choice but to insure their property as required by their mortgage and financing company. Homeowners have the opportunity of choosing which type of homeowners policy to use which covers fewer perils. Renters are not required to carry insurance. However, landlords could require insurance which would reduce the amount of the premium the landlord would pay for any damage to renters personal property.

Wasatch Preferred’s agents will advise homeowners, landlords, and renters as to the best insurance policy. Please call us or visit our Sandy, UT offices.

3 Odd Things a Homeowner’s Policy Can Cover If You Ask

Homeowner’s insurance is weird. This is as true in Salt Lake City, UT, as it is anywhere else. So, since you pretty much have to have a policy, you might as well understand some of the niches that might come into play. Wasatch Preferred’s insurance plans, like those of most insurers, have a lot of peculiarities. Here are a few odd things that could be covered, and they usually don’t require huge boosts to premiums.

Falling Objects

Sure, you’ve seen ads on TV that show a tree falling on a house. What you might not consider is that aircraft often lose small things in flight. They also frequently fly over residential zones. This doesn’t apply to commercial aircraft either. Some stories have included tales of planes in emergencies clipping rooftops. Parts have crashed clean through roofs. Before the FAA changed their rules, blue ice dumps were a real thing. The point is, humans have put a lot of stuff in the sky, and it’s prone to falling. It’s not entirely uncommon for a homeowner’s policy to afford some protection for exactly these scenarios.

Spoiled Food

Hold your horses. This will not cover milk that stayed in the fridge too long. That’s just not how it works. However, there are clauses in homeowner’s policies that can protect you from extended power outages. The rule of thumb is that the outage can’t be your fault, and the value of food for reimbursement usually falls between a minimum and maximum limit, but you can potentially have the food in your refrigerator and freezer covered by insurance.

Dorm Rooms

This is important for all of you parents and guardians out there. Dorm coverage is not necessarily a default, but if you have a student in your future, you might be able to cover them without getting an additional plan. This insurance usually only applies to dorm rooms and not apartments. It also only covers personal belongings. That said, dorm theft is a common problem on campuses, and you can afford at least some protection to your studious kids.

As is always the case, insurance policies and coverage limits vary by situation. Always speak with your Wasatch Preferred rep to be sure what is and isn’t outlined in your contract. If you take the time to ask, you could be the most insured homeowner in Salt Lake City, UT, without having to pay for a bunch of exclusive extras. Reach out to our agents to get a quote and learn more. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes from home.

Solar Power and Home Insurance

If you want to install solar panels, you will want to know if your home insurance provides coverage for them. After all, home insurance is quite expensive, and you will want to make sure you are being provided the coverage that your home requires. Let’s take a look at whether or not solar power increases insurance coverage with Wasatch Preferred in Sandy, UT.

Things to know about solar power

If you are going to power your home using solar power, it is highly advised that you have the solar panels installed on your roof. Once the panels are in place, they will most likely be considered a part of your home, therefore, meaning they are covered by most home insurance policies. In fact, adding the panels to your roof likely means you won’t even have to add a ‘rider’ to your policy, and it generally will not increase your premiums. 

Even though many home insurance policies will cover solar panels if they are installed on your roof, there are certain types of panels that require additional coverage. For example, ground-mounted solar panels will more than likely require that you add a ‘rider’ on your policy. Solar panel carports will many times also require a ‘rider’ to be added to your policy. 

Once you add a solar panel system to your home, remember that you may need to increase the overall maximum coverage limits of your policy. Solar panels are expensive and depending on how many you have installed; you may require more coverage to ensure a payout would be adequate if a claim is filed. 

To learn more about solar panels and home insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact Wasatch Preferred serving the Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT areas today. 

Broken Windows and Failing Foundations: How Home Insurance Can Help

When something happens to your home, it’s typically a public thing. Most people can see a broken window or identify a housing structure that doesn’t look completely stable. Normally, people associate these types of things with run-down neighborhoods, but that’s not always the truth. If everyone recently went through a storm in Sandy, UT for example, then you might see even the nicest homes looking a little worse for wear. Wasatch Preferred knows that home insurance is what makes it easier to get your residence back up to par.  

Giving You a Helping Hand 

Insurance won’t be able to take care of all of the details for you if you’ve suffered from an event under your policy, but it can most certainly help with a lot of them. When you have the financial help you need, you can start getting your home back in order a lot faster than if you were responsible for everything on your own. Along with dipping into your savings, you also have to be weary about who you hire. The wrong contractor can end up making your home worse instead of better, which can lead to financial headaches for many years to come. 

Looking for Help 

Wasatch Preferred is here for the residents of Sandy, UT and as far as Phoenix, AZ in both the good times and the bad. Whether the weather is bright and sunny or storm clouds are rolling in, we want everyone in the city to stay safe under their roofs. Give us a call today if you think you may need more coverage, or if you just want to ask us a few questions about what happens during the claim process. We can tell you what different sections of your policy mean in the real world. 

Look At Where You Live Before Deciding On Home Insurance Additions

While living in Sandy, UT, you may assume you need the exact same kind of insurance as your neighbor or friend who lives on the other side of town. This, however, is not always accurate. While you might live in the same city and experience the same weather patterns, it doesn’t mean your house will experience the same potential problems as other homeowners. At Wasatch Preferred, we want to make sure you have the right home insurance additions to protect your investment. 

Local Geography

Consider the local geography around your home. If your house is at the base of a hill, it likely will experience more water runoff when the snow melts or during heavy rains. This can lead to flooding. Another thing to look for is tall trees in the area. They increase your chance of branches breaking off and damaging the house.

Nearby Parks and Golf Courses

Homes near parks are more susceptible to misplaced balls and sporting equipment damaging the house. Always consider what is around your home when making insurance decisions. 

Individual Neighborhoods Matter 

Individual neighborhoods can play a role in not only the kind of home insurance additions you need but the cost of your insurance altogether. Neighborhoods with higher crime levels may require you to look at additional insurance, or at the very least, security measures in order to offset the potential cost of your home insurance costs.   

Your home may be the most valuable investment you ever make. You need to protect it with the right home insurance additions. By considering where you live in town and what is in your surroundings, you’ll be able to determine what kind of insurance is right for you. At Wasatch Preferred, we are here to assist you in making these decisions for your Sandy, UT home. Give us a call or visit our offices to get professional help from any of our friendly agents.