Home Insurance for Temporary Homes

As a homeowner, you probably have a homeowners’ insurance policy on your home which you believe protects your property throughout the year. However, that’s not always the case. There are several special circumstances that may result in your annual homeowners’ insurance policy becoming invalid or render the policy incapable of catering for your home insurance needs. What do you do when you find yourself in such a situation?

Going uninsured is not an option, so you need to find an alternative that can provide sufficient coverage for your residence. That’s where temporary home insurance comes in. This coverage protects your home from disasters – natural or otherwise – on a short-term basis. Temporary home insurance comes in handy in providing full or reduced coverage depending on your home insurance needs at the moment. If you are looking for temporary home insurance in Sandy UT, Wasatch Preferred insurance can help you out.

When You May Need Temporary Home Insurance

There is a number of everyday situations that may necessitate a temporary home insurance. For instance, you may need temporary coverage when you are moving to a new house. If there are delays of any kind and you’ve already communicated dates with your insurer, your house will be uninsured. Taking temporary home insurance for the period is the only option. Another key reason for getting temporary insurance is if your home is undergoing major renovations and you have to look for an alternative place of residence.

If you decide to get a short-term rental or any other form of temporary residence, you will need to get temporary home insurance. This type of home insurance allows you to get the appropriate home insurance cover for your situation. Its flexible, you can choose to either insure the structure or just the contents of your temporary home. You can purchase short-term insurance for your temporary home from Wasatch Preferred in Sandy, Utah. Call us for more information on temporary home insurance coverage.