How to File a Life Insurance Claim as a Beneficiary

Once a loved one passes on, it is your responsibility as their beneficiary to collect the life insurance claim they entrusted to you. This is particularly important if the survivors relied on the deceased individual for financial help. They may require urgent cash for ongoing expenses like credit card and mortgage payments. 

Proceeds from a life insurance policy can offer quick and much-needed income for surviving family members after their loved one passes on. Being a beneficiary, you probably need to get the claim procedure started as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, consider finding out some key answers to these questions.

  • What kind of insurance policy did the deceased have? Was it whole life, term, or variable life insurance plan? 
  • Did the deceased have any credit insurance (for paying off amounts owed to large purchases like furniture or credit card balances), or mortgage insurance? 
  • How many beneficiaries were listed? 
  • Was the policy still in force when the deceased passed on? 
  • How much should the company pay? 

To claim the life insurance benefits, a beneficiary needs to contact an insurance agency like Wasatch Preferred located in Sandy, UT for professional guidance. You can also check the insurance company website for more insights on how to file a claim. Remember that some companies ask beneficiaries to begin the claim process by sending a form that reports the death of the policyholder. After that, the company sends forms and instructions to the beneficiary explaining how the claim process should be done.

Generally, beneficiaries apply for the proceeds by filling out the claim form provided by the insurance company and submitting it along with the insurance policy document and a certified death certificate.

In case several beneficiaries were named in the policy, each of them needs to submit a claim form. If the primary beneficiary passes on before the life insurance holder; the alternate beneficiary is entitled to claim these proceeds. An alternate must submit both death certificates (for the policyholder and primary beneficiary) when submitting the claim form. 

You can rely on Wasatch Preferred in Sandy, UT for all the help you need to acquire a life insurance plan or make a life insurance claim. Talk to us today for more information.