3 Odd Things a Homeowner’s Policy Can Cover If You Ask

Homeowner’s insurance is weird. This is as true in Salt Lake City, UT, as it is anywhere else. So, since you pretty much have to have a policy, you might as well understand some of the niches that might come into play. Wasatch Preferred’s insurance plans, like those of most insurers, have a lot of peculiarities. Here are a few odd things that could be covered, and they usually don’t require huge boosts to premiums.

Falling Objects

Sure, you’ve seen ads on TV that show a tree falling on a house. What you might not consider is that aircraft often lose small things in flight. They also frequently fly over residential zones. This doesn’t apply to commercial aircraft either. Some stories have included tales of planes in emergencies clipping rooftops. Parts have crashed clean through roofs. Before the FAA changed their rules, blue ice dumps were a real thing. The point is, humans have put a lot of stuff in the sky, and it’s prone to falling. It’s not entirely uncommon for a homeowner’s policy to afford some protection for exactly these scenarios.

Spoiled Food

Hold your horses. This will not cover milk that stayed in the fridge too long. That’s just not how it works. However, there are clauses in homeowner’s policies that can protect you from extended power outages. The rule of thumb is that the outage can’t be your fault, and the value of food for reimbursement usually falls between a minimum and maximum limit, but you can potentially have the food in your refrigerator and freezer covered by insurance.

Dorm Rooms

This is important for all of you parents and guardians out there. Dorm coverage is not necessarily a default, but if you have a student in your future, you might be able to cover them without getting an additional plan. This insurance usually only applies to dorm rooms and not apartments. It also only covers personal belongings. That said, dorm theft is a common problem on campuses, and you can afford at least some protection to your studious kids.

As is always the case, insurance policies and coverage limits vary by situation. Always speak with your Wasatch Preferred rep to be sure what is and isn’t outlined in your contract. If you take the time to ask, you could be the most insured homeowner in Salt Lake City, UT, without having to pay for a bunch of exclusive extras. Reach out to our agents to get a quote and learn more. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes from home.