Do You Know How to File a Commercial Insurance Claim?

Commercial insurance coverage protects your Sandy, UT business against accidents and disasters that occur on your property. As a business owner, you should be fully aware of what your coverage has to offer. You should also know how to file a claim to expedite recovery from a loss.

The following steps can help when filing for a business insurance claim.

1. Plan Ahead

By planning ahead, you can be prepared to handle the fallout of accidental injuries or damage to business property. Having digital cameras on hand will make it easier to record the aftereffects of an event to substantiate a claim. Various employees can be designated the job of recording incidents that occur to ensure it gets done. Surveillance cameras around the entrance, exit, and parking lot of your business will help document incidents of vandalism and theft.

Ask your Wasatch Preferred agent to provide you with standard report forms to facilitate making a claim when the time comes. These forms should be made available to employees so they can easily document accidents that happen on the job.

2. File a Claim

When accidents occur, notify your insurance agent right away. Accidental fire, theft, auto accident, disaster damage, or liability injuries should be reported immediately to be eligible for coverage. Criminal activity such as theft or vandalism should also be reported to the police.

Work with your agent to file a claim. Your claim will be forwarded to your insurer who will assign an adjuster for processing. If you have photos, video, or inventory of damages, these should be included in your claim.

3. Follow Up

Follow up with your adjuster and agent to stay abreast of your claim. Working closely with your Wasatch Preferred insurance agent in Sandy, UT is key to getting quick, effective results from your commercial insurance claim.