Workers Compensation Insurance is for Your Small Business Too

No matter if your business in Salt Lake City, UT builds airplanes, operates a mine, or an office, you need a good commercial insurance policy which can be provided by Wasatch Preferred. Once you have insured your property and investments, don’t forget that you will also need a good workers compensation policy to protect your employees–no matter what their job might be. From retail shops to restaurants, your business can be protected against excessive medical expenses when one of your workers suffers an accident related to their job.

Required by Law

Federal law requires that every employer protect their staff against on-the-job injuries. While your small office may not be subject to the hazards found on a construction site, there is still every possibility that responsible employees can be hurt from a slip and fall, while lifting heavy boxes, or changing a light bulb. Not only will workers comp ensure their medical needs are taken care of, it protects the company from excessive payments and expenses.

It Helps Your Office Staff Cope with Repetitive Injuries

Workers comp can also extend to those persistent injuries often caused by repetitive motions, such as typing, factory tasks, or standing for long periods of time. Your employees can have their health addressed, improving productivity and extending their time as an employee. It might seem like an additional expense for your small business, but there are many ways that it helps to support both the wealth of the company and your most valued workers.

If you have any questions about workers compensation insurance for your Salt Lake City, UT business, don’t hesitate to contact one of our fully-trained agents at Wasatch Preferred in Sandy, UT to find the policy that meets federal minimums while keeping an eye on your operational budget.