Buying More than the Minimum Auto Insurance: Protecting Your Entire Lifestyle

Whether you’re buying a brand new car or one that is new-to-you, in Sandy, UT the law only requires that your auto insurance meets minimum liability standards. It might be an affordable means to get your ride on the road, but should you have an accident, that insurance provides little protection for your savings account and lifestyle. Wasatch Preferred doesn’t want you to be uneducated when it comes to your auto insurance and what coverage is best for you.

Minimums Cover Just the Basics

If you are at fault in a fender bender, the minimum coverage will pay for repairs to the other vehicle and even an emergency room visit for the other driver’s bumped elbow. This doesn’t do anything for your vehicle. Even a minor repair will set you back a couple thousand dollars. If the other guy is driving a luxury sedan, it’s possible that your insurance won’t even take care of the fix to their car.

Comprehensive and Collision Help You Stay in the Game

When you add collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy, damages to your vehicle can be fixed when you pay a minimal deductible. When you have an unfortunate incident, which happens to everyone at some point, you won’t have to empty out your savings account to get your car back on the road.

Increase Your Liability Coverage and Leave Worry Behind

Medical bills have a way of skyrocketing when somebody gets seriously injured. When you raise your liability coverage, your insurance is able to cover the costs of surgery and expenses, instead of passing those costs along to you. Your children’s college funds or the family vacation savings can stay intact. It certainly removes some of the stress involved when you are in a major traffic incident.

Talk to our agents at Wasatch Preferred about all the options for your Sandy, UT auto insurance coverage today. You can also visit our website to try our online rating tool for all your auto insurance quote needs.