Is It Okay to Freeze Your Auto Insurance?

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to auto insurance is to not have it. Yes, you read that right. It is better to keep a policy with a minimum coverage amount than to not have one at all. Now, this simply isn’t possible because you may not have a vehicle to insure, but if you can, you should keep a policy on one for as long as possible. Wasatch Preferred in Sandy, UT has some commonly asked questions when it comes to not having insurance for your car that we are here to answer:

What happens when you don’t have insurance on a car? 

When you don’t have an auto insurance policy on a car in Utah, this reflects poorly on your quotes. The longer you have gone without insurance, the higher your premium will likely be. Shopping for quotes means you will have to answer several questions, with one of them being if you already have an existing auto insurance policy. You want to be able to answer ‘yes’ to this question. 

Is there a way to freeze auto insurance?

Yes, there is a way to freeze auto insurance in Utah. This means you are able to keep the policy on a car without it being active. What does this mean? It means you will not drive the car, nor will you have any type of coverage on it if you do decide to drive it and get involved in an accident. Freezing the policy, however, means that you will not have a lapse in coverage, which reflects well on you. Freezing a policy will help ensure your rates don’t go up if you have to go through a period of time in which you don’t actually need insurance. 

To learn more about freezing your auto insurance, contact Wasatch Preferred serving the Sandy, UT area. Also, try our online rating tool to find quotes from home on your auto insurance.